Interactive story games

On this site you'll find a selection of interactive fiction, RPG and adventure games, mostly developed by indie developers. All games have been tried and tested to work on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.
ALERT - Penope games are addicting, fun and different from what you'll find elsewhere


The Temple of No
Comedy adventure game, start your journey as either a man, a woman or a one-eyed frog.
Tavern Crawler
Some guy in a tavern is offering an extravagant amount of gold for slaying a dragon. Can you bring back the dragon's head to the guy who promised you the gold?
Horse Master
Grow, train, and nurture your own horse to see what happens......
You Are Jeff Bezos
A text-based adventure helping you find out how much you can do with an absurd amount of money.
Displacer Beast
In this terrifying tale you find out there's something seriously wrong with your newly adopted cat..
Adventures With Anxiety
An interactive story about a human and their anxiety - you play as the anxiety, manifested as a red dog.


Can you save humanity? Control a spaceship filled with 1000 frozen colonists.
A budget management sim inspired by low salaries and high living costs.
An interactive story about a girl's inner struggles and recurring dreams of terrifying bird people.